Post production

Filmaura Productions provide a wide range of video and audio post production services. Our specialist post production team in Istanbul, Turkey will assemble, edit, grade and deliver your video. We can also add motion graphics, special effects, sound effects, music and animation as required.

Creating great video content doesn’t end when you’ve completed the filming. In fact, that’s just the beginning! Luckily, Istanbul Productions has a great team to fulfill any post production needs, including video and audio editing, mixing, CGI, subtitles, and format conversions. It guarantees you get your video exactly the way you want it.


Our state-of-the-art in-house editing facilities and experienced post-production team will ensure the best outcome for your video.


Add visual effects, animations or illusions in the post production stage to enhance the story of your video.


Good audio editing is crucial for an effective video, and we focus on producing high quality dialogue and sound effects for a professional finish.


We use digital footage and animation to bring your story to life. Motion graphics can be used for the entire video or for a smaller element such as a title sequence.


Off-camera voice audio is a great way to add valuable information to a video, to create impact or as a language localization technique.


Closed captions (CC) can provide either a verbatim or edited version of your audio to improve your video’s accessibility. To increase reach, we can prepare and add subtitles in different languages.


We deliver your video in any format you require such as DVD, CD or USB.


LCD video cards, or video brochures, are the perfect way to combine high-impact print and video in a physical marketing support.


Create unique experiences by adding clickable elements or customizing certain variables in your videos to enable viewer interaction.


Adapt content (including currencies, language, cultural sensitivities, etc.) to users and search engines in the countries you are targeting.


We select, source, record and mix the perfect music score to accompany your video – setting just the right tone and style.


We provide transcripts for a variety of purposes including captioning, creating paper edits of your content or producing other collateral that will enhance your videos.