Full Event Video Coverage

Whatever your event, from small and intimate to massive and national, we have the people, equipment and production values to produce the best event video, conference video or awards video.

Premium Quality

We are all about quality. We shoot on high-end film and TV cameras, and our in-house production processes have been honed over the years to guarantee you the best of quality.

Live Streaming too

We can not only video and edit your event, but we have the equipment and the experience to live stream your event to multiple internet platforms for a global audience.

Event Video Production – what’s involved?

Major events – from seminars, conferences, talks and speeches to awards ceremonies – deserve an event video production service that does them justice. That’s where One Productions comes in. We can arrange to film the actual events themselves or to transform highlights of the events into promotional videos for future use. Alternatively, we can generate video clips, loops, graphics and presentation materials for live presentations that can appear onscreen behind the speakers. Add to that the possibility of live streaming and One Productions has every base covered.

Event Videos – and there’s more…

We also offer a full range of options to enable our clients to monetise the event in question, offering premium video downloads, pay-per-view or subscription access. These video productions can also be integrated into part of your company’s trade show strategy, thus greatly boosting visitor footfall at client stands. For a selection of events covered by Filmaura Productions in the past, view our work section and choose event videos.