Years Of Experience

We have the combined live streaming video production experience of a couple of centuries, and have planned and produced a range of projects in every sector. Whatever you are planning, we have probably done it, or similar, before.

Premium Quality

We are all about quality. We shoot on high-end film and TV cameras, and our in-house live streaming video production services and processes have been honed over the years to guarantee you the best of quality.

Full end-to-end service

From planning, site visits, connection testing, multi-camera setup and operation, vision and sound mixing and video live streaming tech and setup – we have you covered with our end-to-end service.

Why live streaming video production?

Live streaming video is increasingly used at events to share the events proceedings with those who cannot attend. Internet technologies and bandwidth has improved greatly, to allow viewers to tune into a live video stream, or watch a pre-recorded one, without playback or bandwidth problems. Having gated live streamed events also allows you to monetise an event with a wider audience.

video live streaming production services

Why live streaming with Filmaura Productions?

At Filmaura Productions, we have planned, produced and streamed many events, awards and conferences and can ensure a smooth live stream video production service. For a successful live stream you need a mixture of technical, production and creative know-how to ensure you a hitch-free experience.