Promo Video Production

Years Of Promo Video Experience

We have the combined promo video experience of a couple of centuries, and have planned and produced every kind of project in every sector. Whatever you are planning, we have probably done it, or similar, before.

Premium Quality

We are all about quality. We shoot on high-end film and TV cameras, and our in-house production processes have been honed over the years to guarantee you the best of quality.

Outstanding Value

We have worked hard on our services, and our costs represent a lot of delivery for the fee. The quality we provide at the cost level we offer provides unbeatable value.

Promo Video Production in Istanbul, Turkey and Internationally

These types of videos raise awareness of a particular product, service, issue or area. Promo videos promote your product, service, or company. Similarly, information videos will explain your initiative, content, or issue, in more detail. Filmaura Productions has carried out a wide range of both of these types of videos for clients in Istanbul, Turkey and internationally.

In promotional videos, heavy emphasis is placed on the benefits of a product, or service. There are many ways to do this: using interviews, voiceover, on-screen text, animation and shots of your facility or organisation. All of these elements are focused on the benefits that you bring to your audience.

In informational videos, more attention is given to the details of the issue, or area. Rather than too much detail on your company, or organisation, we concentrate on the details of the topic to make sure awareness is raised.

By focusing on the benefits of the issue at hand, you ensure that the video is of relevance and importance to your target market. In making your promo video relevant to the target audience, you gain attention, not to mention search engine kudos.

This type of video is excellent for the internet, ideal for DVD distribution and can even be displayed on TV screens at your reception.

The Benefits of Hiring a Promotional Video Production Company

Did you know that having video on your website is excellent for SEO? Your page is far more likely to reach the top page of google for your chosen search terms if you have a video on the page. Viewers are more inclined to view and share your social media post if it has video in it, compared to text and link posts combined!

Filmaura Productions has created promo videos for many clients, both large and small, in Istanbul, Turkey and internationally.

In the past, hiring a production company was only possible for large clients with deep pockets. These days, modern technology has made video production accessible to clients of all sizes and backgrounds. Don’t get left behind in the rush to produce a video promoting your company, or to raise awareness of your issue. Web browsers have a very limited attention span and expect you to make your details and benefits immediately available.

Filmaura Productions will plan, script, organize, shoot, edit and deliver your video from its Istanbul based offices and studios. We are also available, capable and experienced in international video production.