Training Video

Training Videos Experience

We have the combined experience in training videos production of a couple of centuries, and have planned and produced a range of projects in every sector. Whatever you are planning, we have probably done it, or similar, before.

Premium Quality

We are all about quality. We shoot on high-end film and TV cameras, and our in-house production processes have been honed over the years to guarantee you the best of quality.

Outstanding Creative

We make sure your training video works hard for you by blending information, engagement and creativity to make sure your video reaches and trains its intended audience with the widest comprehension and longest retention possible.

Why Training Videos?

Training video production is a visually dynamic and efficient way of delivering training materials to your employees or co-workers, as video promotes greater impact and recall than any other medium, ensuring that the information contained within is retained.

Why Training Videos with Filmaura Productions?

Filmaura Productions offers a whole range of approaches and styles, either through specially-shot sessions or by capturing live workshops and seminars on camera for later use. No matter what option you choose, we will assist you in planning and producing exactly the right style of video for your training material, goals and target audience.